Breaking Out of the Box: How to be the Real You

Every soul born on this mortal plane was born to live a life that is unique. Yet every time we choose to follow our hearts or do what our gut tells us to do, we are instantly met with resistance in the form of “well-wishers” who are uncomfortable with our choices and free will.


Because we are human.



Feminism and the Death of Chivalry

The world is divided over a lot of important matters. While some are openly argued upon, others, like politics and religion, make everyone in the room uncomfortable. Feminism happens to fall in the latter category.

But why this resistance to talk about an issue that not only calls out to our morals but also asks us to be respectful of our fellow human beings? Let’s dive in. (more…)

The Customary First Post

So it seems the blogosphere has just birthed another blog…

How utterly unsensational.

And why should it be otherwise? Have I written anything yet that deserves glowing reviews? I am not even a minor celebrity with raving fans to fill up the vacuum of this empty site and draw in a smattering of good lucks.

But as blogs go, tradition demands the first post to be an utter waste of everyone’s precious time.

So now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s head on with more interesting stuff…next post onwards.

~ Valerie