About Me

Hello, and welcome behind the scenes!

My name is Valerie Black. This is me:



Is this my real name? Not in the least. But I hope it becomes as famous as J.K. Rowling’s one day.

But enough about me! Let me tell you a little about this blog.

Out of Psych (Yes! catchy name) is a blog with a heart. Because the author has a heart. And a brain too.

Here you won’t find mundane,link-bait posts. Here you will find things that will make you think. Things that start a conversation. And I want you to join right in.

You see,a blog can be two things. It can either be a mindless rant that is better suited in a personal diary, or it can be a medium that brings like-minded people together where they can share their thoughts and have an adventure together.

Let’s get this show going! 🙂




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